I am horrible at writing these things...

I consider myself a specialist of the glorified snapshot. Nowhere near talented enough to be featured in the spotlight, or get more than a note or two, but eager enough to get around my unnaturally high level of shyness to share my snapshots with the world.

All photos on this blog are taken by me, using a variety of photographic tools, from high priced DSLR to Pin Hole cameras made from beer cans.

I have recently relocated to the Santa Cruz area, only deepening my insatiable love for the San Francisco area as I'm able to explore many new areas. When not shooting with a still camera, I can be found toting around a TV camera.

Some of my favourite photographers:
Robert Capa
Robert Doisneau
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Berenice Abbott

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Graffiti Koi, Fillmore and Haight, San Francisco

Graffiti Koi, Fillmore and Haight, San Francisco